Hovélo is a group of friendly riders out to explore the sussex countryside and to have fun.

If you’d like to ride with us, we’d love to see you for an 8am start every Sunday outside the Goldstone Road Small Batch Coffee Company

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What is Hovélo?

Unlike other cycling clubs, Hovélo has no membership fees, no committee meetings, no racing and no-one in charge. Our aim is to turn up on Sunday and ride through the Sussex countryside.

We are a friendly and informal group of road cyclists. The age and ability varies massively and we're ultimately about enjoying a beautiful weekend ride.

Hovélo is open to everyone but you'll need to be comfortable riding at an average speed (including climbs...and there are some) of 14 - 16mph (22 - 25 kmph).

Rides aren't led like a traditional cycling club, but decided on the day by who turns up and how they're feeling. The speed is determined by the riders too, plus, we don’t drop anybody.

This isn't about tearing people's legs off or suffering - you can find that elsewhere. This is about getting used to riding in a group and having fun. There'll be chatting, jokes and discussions about cycling etiquette.

Shaved legs entirely optional for both sexes.

How do I Join?

You simply turn up at 8am outside outside the Goldstone Villas Small Batch Coffee Company café with your bike. We will often have a pre-ride coffee (discount available to Hovélo riders) and a chat before heading out.

If it's your first ride with us, make sure you post a note on our Strava Club or email us - that way we can make sure someone is there to welcome you and show you the ropes! You can always checkout the Strava Club posts to see what's going on

What should I bring?

Although there will be people to help, you should be prepared for any eventuality. Make sure you have a pump and spare inner tube with you to fix that puncture, and plenty of water and food (such as energy bars) to keep you going.

Most importantly, bring along a good sense of humour!

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Small Batch Coffee Company